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Defending and Asserting Rights on Appeal

Litigated cases are not always decided correctly in the first instance, and it is possible for mistakes to be made by judges or juries or other decision-makers in administrative tribunals. The appellate process exists to provide those who have been wronged with a chance to have their cases reviewed and reconsidered by a judge (conducting a judicial review of decisions from administrative tribunals) or a panel of judges at the Court of Appeal (reviewing decisions from the Supreme Court of British Columbia).

If you are considering a judicial review or an appeal, your choice of lawyer is critical. At QA Law, we have extensive civil litigation and appellate advocacy experience. We are one of Vancouver’s most experienced civil litigation firms, and we provide skilled representation to clients throughout British Columbia.

On appellate matters, we accept referrals from other lawyers. To discuss a referral situation with a lawyer from our firm, call our office at 604-687-3711.

Our lawyers have the experience to pursue your case throughout all phases of the appellate process, including judicial review hearings, the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

What Type of Issue Does Your Case Involve?

We are available to handle appeals involving all varieties of civil litigation cases, including:

Strong Advocacy Throughout the Appeals Process

To speak to a lawyer from our firm about your possible appeal, contact us today. The following languages are spoken at our firm: English, French, Russian, Spanish and Romanian.