Matthew Morawski


Matthew Morawski

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Matthew Morawski was called to the British Columbia Bar in 2010. Matthew has extensive experience in insurance defence litigation. His practice at QA Law includes the defence of personal injury and professional negligence claims.

Matthew's experience in personal injury litigation includes defending claims involving:

  • contentious liability issues;
  • severe orthopedic injuries;
  • chronic pain;
  • mild traumatic brain injury;
  • psychological injuries;
  • large loss of earning capacity allegations;
  • uncertain self-employment business losses; and
  • permanent future care demands.

Prior to law school, Matthew earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta. This experience allows him to defend professionals and businesspersons facing negligence lawsuits with confidence.

Matthew takes pride in resolving disputes. His curious and competitive nature is an asset when negotiating a settlement outside of a courtroom, reasoning with the other side to resolve a claim at mediation, or advocating his client's position at trial.